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Why Is

Shawn Bayley


Good genes and clean living (yeah, right).

Even more powerful that his good looks... is Shawn's desire to succeed as an entrepreneur online

It sure didn't start that way.

Shawn didn't know squat about business and it showed.

Launching products meant hiring copywriters.

Until the day he got handed some sales copy that was hot garbage.


Shawn vowed to learn the Art of Copywriting or die trying.

After getting certified as a copywriter...

Shawn wrote his own sales letters those sales letters made sales.

What happened next?


Lot's of funnels.

Building funnels and writing the copy to make them convert is a very appealing offer for entrepreneurs.

Shawn built and launched over 100 funnels for himself and his clients.

Crafted hundreds of emails and dozens of webinars and presentations.

Life was going pretty good...

But things were about to get crazy!

plot twist!

Shawn was part of a Facebook group for copywriters and saw a notification that would change his life!

It was a chance to make money for a select few copywriters.

The guy who made the post: Josue Pena

After a little research Shawn learned that Josue was a LEGIT online millionaire.

Josue made his 7-figures per year as a high ticket coach.

Josue would teach his clients (who were coaches or experts) how to make a lot of money with premium offers and getting clients with Instagram.

All Shawn could think was: Holy Sh*t!

Shawn spent over a year working alongside Josue… and learning the secrets of creating a 7-figure online business.

Shawn used what he learned to create his own unique presentation style called "The Reverse Webinar"

Then he wrote a book talking about The Reverse Webinar and how to use it with a high ticket funnel.

The book is called High Ticket Funnel Secrets and you can get it on this page.

When he's not word-smithing at the forge...

Shawn enjoys working out, riding his bike, spending time with loved ones, and reading books like crazy.

Most of all, Shawn believes in uplifting his family, doing his best to provide a positive role model, and trying to make the word a better place by helping people.

Shawn puts time and care into his business so that it can provide a lifestyle of freedom and security for himself and his family.


High ticket

funnel secrets

I learned the insider secrets of High Ticket Funnels from a millionaire guru.

The “secret sauce” is to use a Reverse Webinar to pre-sell potential clients before you get them on the phone.

It's just $4.99.

And I’ll throw in extra 5 bonuses.

One of them is a breakdown of other high ticket funnels so you can see other peoples funnels in action.

You love the book or give you back every penny.

Grab your copy now

Lead Funnel Workshop

Do you struggle with lead generation and want to learn how to set up a system that will bring you a constant flow of high-quality leads?

Join our Lead Funnel Workshop and discover how to create a powerful lead generation system that attracts, nurtures, and converts your ideal customers.

You'll discover how to optimize your landing pages, craft compelling lead magnets, and create an email sequence that builds trust and drives conversions.

So, if you're ready to transform your lead generation strategy and grow your business faster than ever before, sign up for the Lead Funnel Workshop today.

I can't wait to see you there!

30-Day Podcast Profit Playbook

Are you struggling to attract traffic to your business and tired of wasting money on ineffective Facebook ads?

This mini course is for you!

You will learn the messaging strategies that I used to successfully book interviews on multiple podcasts and grow my business.

You will discover how to leverage the power of partnerships and podcast appearances to build warm traffic and take your business to the next level.

You will receive a step-by-step guide to getting on podcasts, including tips for crafting compelling messages and pitching yourself as a guest.

Don't waste any more time or money on ineffective marketing strategies.

Sign up for "The 30-Day Podcast Profit Playbook" today and start building warm traffic to your business!

Earn Your First $1,000 With a Funnel

The "Sales Funnel Crash Course" is a comprehensive training program designed to help you launch your own profitable sales funnel without the need for expensive and complicated tools.

Led by an experienced sales funnel builder and copywriter, this is step-by-step guidance on structuring your funnel for maximum profit, creating high-converting sales pages, setting up payment accounts, and generating sales messages quickly using a copywriting tool.

You'll have everything you need to successfully launch your own money-making sales funnel. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable skills and accelerate your online business success.

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You Get One After You Sell $1000 In Sales

With a Funnel And I'm Going To

Show You How To Get Yours



Ever wish you could just have a copy of the top performing funnels from big influencers? Us too...

But instead we remade them and, now make them available for people to rent.

Funnel Rental? Is that something Steve J Larsen and Jake Leslie made up? Yup. Think Blockbuster for funnels!

Just return the funnel when you’re done with it! (otherwise their custom funnel fee is $150k)

BTS Funnels isn’t just random, good looking, share funnels. These are collections of funnels that ALREADY won. BTS Funnels stands for, Built To Sell.

Knowing what should be IN a funnel is a skillset, but so is knowing HOW to build it and WHEN to even begin thinking about it. 

Sales Funnel Officer is Steve's course on how he transfers his vision into another funnel builder's head (and whole team). This is project management for funnel building

The formula began as he left his job at ClickFunnels, and what began as just a series of steps to replace him, turned into an entire funnel project planning AND management formula. It's how Steve isn't the funnel builder in his own company either. You'll enjoy this entirely different, fresh, and SIMPLE process on building sales funnels.

Leverage Shawn

Get Shawn on your show or podcast. You can even get some of Shawn's trainings to use as BONUES in your own courses.

Let's talk.

But there is catch...

If you are 'locked and loaded' do NOT fill out the form below...

1) This is for an interview... NOT personal coaching...

2) Make it easy for me for me to join up.

3) Let me know what topic to talk your following would get the most value from.

Here's What People Are Saying About

Shawn Bayley

Shawn has done two projects for our IT Consulting firm, creating event webpages for us on Leadpages.

His attention to detail, quick and reliable turnaround, creativity and great visual eye have surpassed our expectations both times! It has be a pleasure to work with Shawn and we look forward to working with him again!

Amanda Hawkins

"Most of us are not copywriters - Shawn is. It's obvious. His expertise in both a general marketing purview and within a specific ClickFunnels sense were instrumental in a significant improvement to my funnel structure. Take the time, invest the money... Well worth it. Thanks again for everything. (Samson Properties - Chantilly, VA)

Ernie Dill

"Shawn Bayley has a wealth of knowledge on lead generation that can help you attract, nurture, and convert more qualified prospects into clients." (Local Small Business Marketing Show - New York, NY)

Ryan White


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What Is The Most Profitable Online Business To Start?

How To Make A Sales Pitch Through Email

If I Had To Start Over This Is What I'd Do



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Media Bio

Over the past 19 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, and become a New York Times bestselling author through selling hundreds of thousands of copies of his books. He popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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