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The most important part of your funnel... isn’t your funnel. The Most Mailed Man in Marketing History says so - (His pre-internet business was doing the equivalent of $300,000.00 per day by mailing 2 pieces of paper)

Don’t Create a Product! How to implement your own "Winner or Loser 24-hour Ad Campaign" - know almost immediately if you have an offer people will climb over each other to get their hands on!

Conversion expert outlines with "laser-like" clarity how to maximize the money you pull in from your funnel and sales copy.

The 7- Point "Pure Perfection" Landing Page outline to explode your email list growth.  This strangely simplistic format and layout got me over 50% opt-ins from visitors in an industry that considers 25% a good metric.

The Binary ANTI- BLOG mentality you have to adopt if you want the maximum amount of new email list subscribers. Bring in raving fans with ruthless efficiency once you take on this mindset shift.

The unrevealed "secret of the pro's" used by copywriters (like myself) that has a devastating effect on readers. Credibility instantly shoots through the roof when you use this... BUT this copywriting secret weapon is so good, you probably won't share it (and that's ok with me). Agora Financial brings in $100 Million per year using this tactic.

You'll discover the CORRECT way to handle a new buyer in your sales funnel. You can eat your competition alive because 90% of sales funnels are doing it DEAD WRONG.

How to create the “Optimal Buying Experience”.  Every key detail you need on your order page at the “moment of truth”.  Buyers can love your product but if your checkout process is sketchy, you're will lose the sale... gone FOREVER.  Take it from someone who has put skin in the game and made sales with funnels.

Going the extra step - with an easy video - is like pouring gas on a fire.  How to show a quick “look into the future” so you can build deeper trust and "seal the deal" with more buyers.

The “Stupid Simple Upsell Page design.  See how 16% of buyers took my $197 upsell from a page with five “design elements' and two buttons (it was put it together as quickly as possible, and I forgot to improve it for a while because it made sales right out of the gate).

Want even more conversions from you upsells?  You’ll see how to tap into different "modalities of buyers".  Trust me… there are 2 types, and they are like oil and water - which means they like what they like, but you can appeal to both types of buyers!

What you ABSOLUTELY must avoid like the plague when it comes to your funnel. This is like kicking someone out of your store who is waving a credit card under your nose. You'll never make this mistake again once you see how much money it's costing you at this very moment.

The one thing that 99% of headlines are missing, and it’s so easy to fix.  Once you try this method for yourself, you’ll always use this copywriting "legal steroid injection" for your headlines.

The One Call to Action that will repel people away from your email list faster than your uncle’s cheap cologne.  Make your CTA’s like a slippery slide enticing new subscribers. Each day you'll see more and more people joining your email list. Write up an email, hit "Send" and watch sales come in!

A “hidden feature” inside your Funnel building software . Don’t pass up on FREE advertising space you're already paying for - you’ll see how to make your Call to Action TWICE as powerful.

Meet The Man who Will Smith calls the expert at storytelling because every BIG BUDGET Hollywood Blockbuster follows his framework.  You'll see how to instantly apply this for yourself - I breakdown The Greatest Movie of all Time (according to me) using this money making story formula. Don’t be shocked if you become a better storyteller immediately after reading this lesson.

What amateurs do to handle objections and why you’ll always dominate the competition. Obliterate every single objection with the template I'll provide you inside The Ultimate Funnel Copywriting Checklist.

The #1 question that will make or break your business.  If you don’t have an answer for this question… STOP immediately and re-evaluate your business before you do anything else (Seriously - you won’t achieve anything meaningful until you have this answer)

This admittedly “wacky” style of emailing gets strong engagement from email subscribers because you are forced to find your “email voice”.  Your audience is wandering through life bogged down and bombarded with noise - how to smash through and become impossible to ignore.

Use Perry Marshall’s 80/20 rule when writing your emails.  Hint - sales generating emails can be written in 10 minutes or less. Most people choke right out of the gate - killing any chance of seeing those lovely sales notifications coming in.

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