How Do LeadPages Work?

This is a question I’ve been asked a few times…

So I wanted to explain: How Do LeadPages Work?

I also wanted to explain it so that it was easy to understand coming to you from a LeadPages customer.

So here is the easiest explanation of LeadPages and all its awesome features.

#1 – It’s an online service for building webpages.

Not just any kind of webpages, mind you.

The kind of webpages that convert visitors into Leads and grow you an email list.

You can setup a basic Lead Generation Funnel that runs on autopilot.

This means it’s hands-off whether you send a small trickle to your LeadPage

Or turn on a fire hose of traffic.

Your LeadPages will just keep turning people into leads and building your list.

All while you are busy doing other things…

Like working on your business.

#2 – It’s a subscription service.

There are 3 tiers of service when you choose your account type.

The 3 levels are : Standard, Pro, Advanced

Even at the Standard level, you have the ability to create unlimted LeadPages.

The Pro and Advanced levels give you access to things like:

– A/B Split Testing
– Priority Email Support
– Becoming a LeadPages affiliate


#3 – It gives you access to a huge library of webpages templates.

The best part is that it’s more than just Landing Page/Squeeze Page templates.

You get:

– Thank You Pages
– Webinar Pages
– Upsell Pages
– Launch Pages.

This lets you start small and make more complex funnels for your business as you grow.


#4 – It comes with built-in analytics and webpage hosting.

If you don’t have your own domain name yet, this can help you out big time.

The LeadPages are hosted for you, and it’s automatic for any LeadPage you create.

You can see things like traffic, conversions, and if your plan permits, run split tests and optimize your pages.

And if you already have your own “.com”, then that leads to the next point…

#5 – It plays nicely with WordPress.

If you have worked with WordPress and installed a plugin before then this process only takes a few minutes.

Once you integrate WordPress and LeadPages…

Any page you create will show up in WordPress for you to use if you want.


#6 – It works with a lot of other online services.

Whatever service you have to build a list of email addresses, it is likely to work with LeadPages.

I’ve used AWeber and GetResponse with LeadPages without any issues.

You can also tie in higher level services like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and Active Campaign.

As well, it integrates with your Webinar service, like WebinarJam and GotoWebinar.

#7 – It also does automatic Lead Magnet Delivery.

This is great for your marketing because it will send to your prospect with a file attached.

This allows you to use the first message in your email campaign to help bond with your prospects and not have to worry about delivering the digital file to your prospect.

If your first email hits the Junk Folder…

It is very likely that the automated email from LeadPages will go to your prospects Inbox.

This means your prospect will get your content.

AND because it is so awesome they will search their emails for more from you.

BUT you can’t always trust this to happen.

Instead do this:

Simply put a message in the automated email from Leadpages to address that.

Nothing complex, just tell your prospects to find, and white list your emails.


You’re golden.

P.S. If you’d like to get FASTER results with LeadPages…


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