Do I Need Leadpages?

To help you decide about which product is the best for you…

I have compared Leadpages to another popular product on the market, OptimizePress.

I use both products and will do my best to give you all the best features from an end user perspective.


So I give you:


Leadpages vs OptimizePress


Lets start off with: Leadpages

Now before I get started…

I want to include a link to the Leadpages feature page HERE

This way you can read all the specifics right from their website.


What I’m going to give you is everything that I’ve used personally, along with examples.


You can make every kind of funnel you could possibly need.

For my business, and almost all businesses, it boils down to 3 Essential Funnels.

  1. The Lead Generation Funnel

  2. The Sales Funnel

  3. Webinar/Event Funnel



Here is a Lead Generation Funnel from beginning to end:


My prospect arrives at The Landing Page:




After clicking the Call To Action button, they get a Leadbox asking for email address:





After the Opt-in, they arrive at a multi-purpose Thank You Page:




Finally, I have a set follow up series of emails that sends them to a free video course:



The best part about the video lessons, is that after you create the first page, you just duplicate and change a few things.

A 3-part video course took me just a few minutes to create all the lesson pages.


Next up is the Sales Funnel.


My prospect arrives at my Sales Page







After clicking the button to purchase, the next page is the Checkout Page:





Lastly, after purchasing my product, I have a Thank You page setup for my new buyers:



Again, in the interest of saving time and effort, all I did was copy my Sales Page, and turn off almost all the elements except for some text and the button to register their account.


Lastly, The Webinar Funnel.


My prospect arrives at my Webinar Registration page:




Then a simple opt-in to register for the Webinar:




The Thank You Page for the Webinar autoplays a video with confirmation about the registration.

They are also offered a related product that COMPLIMENTS but doesn’t COMPETE with the offer I present during the webinar.




If they click the button under my video, they arrive at a pricing page with each item leading to their own Checkout page:





Leadpages has constant updates on their Blog with helpful content.

Notice that I said ‘helpful content’.

Not just fluff and articles that entertain.

Case studies that you can copy and implement with the exact pages, copy and workflow.

I enjoy being on their list and I’m the kind of person that hates being on mailing lists.

Their library gives access to free images, infographics, and landing page templages.

And I have utilized all of those at some point, all of it high quality.

Leadpages has an active affiliate promotion service.

I love that you just have to click a link to reply and request affiliate tools.

They send over ready made email swipes to promote to your list.

They run new promotions like clockwork and do all the work, you hit send.


If this was 16 months ago…

I would say that Leadpages has great looking templates, but they are rigid.

Meaning, that you can turn off elements and hide them, but you couldn’t move them around.

HOWEVER…they have since introduced a drag and drop builder that lets you do just that.

Take an existing template and turn it into your own creation.

Or load up a blank canvas and start from scratch.


Lead Magnets on Autopilot

This is a great feature that can be used to send files along with your welcome email.

You promised a PDF download, so you can send it with the Lead Magnet feature.

Now you use your welcome email for more than just delivering the download link.

It also acts as a bit of a safety net, in my opinion.

If your initial welcome email mistakenly goes to a Spam or Promotions folder, your automatic Lead Magnet email has a good chance of hitting the Inbox and you could include a custom message about whitelisting your future emails.


Leadboxes for Content Upgrades means faster list building.

With a Content Upgrade in your blog post, your prospect can get a more enhanced version of the blog post, an additional piece of content, or maybe a full blown audio interview.

They just click the Leadbox image, text link, or button and then get a simple request for email address.

This ties into the automatic Lead Magnet feature and you have a powerful list building method.

Simple things like so:





Another Leadbox example:





The more Leadboxes, the better, because:

“Websites That Have 4 Times More Conversion Tools
Generate 7 Times More Leads”



LeadDigits for Offline/Online Marketing

Using LeadDigits you can advertise in a lot offline locations to generate leads.

Even off your websites for mobile users with a quick sentence:

“Reading this on your phone?  Just text ‘CONVERSIONS’ to 22444 to get your FREE report…”

Takes about 2 minutes to setup if you go slow:




Built in Analytics:



Built in Split Testing

Which website converted 20% higher than the other?

Version A:




Version B:

If you don’t split test, you will never know.



Time to talk about OptimizePress now:


With OptimizePress you can make the  3 Essential Funnels.

  1. The Lead Generation Funnel
  2. The Sales Funnel
  3. Webinar/Event Funnel

That’s right…

You can make each one of the funnels outlined at the top of the page using OptimizePress.


Each one of the funnels shown, can be built using their template library.

And you get total control with template Editor.

Each Row contains the Elements (text block, button, image, etc.)

Some real time saving features are being able to duplicate elements as well as entire rows of a website, which is very handy if it’s a long webpage with a lot of repeating content.




 Built in Blog theme that you can use

This is great for me, because it’s a great looking blog theme that doesn’t take much work to completely personalize with my brand.

It is easy to update with new blog posts and it’s all done in the WordPress dashboard.

In fact, this website is running the OptimizePress Blog Theme right now!






You can create a Launch Funnel that you can turn evergreen

If you have wanted to do a product launch…

Or take an existing product and turn it into an evergreen launch you can easily set that up in Optimizepress.

Which means, every person that lands on your page will automatically go a perceived launch sequence so you don’t have to worry about releasing content on specific days for a full blown launch.

They will receive new content from emails in your autoresponder that match up perfectly with the launch content on your website.

You can also use the Launch Gate to make sure people join your list to view your prelaunch content.
If they try to view it without optin in first, they will get directed back to a Landing Page where you can capture their email address and they can access your prelaunch content.


OptimizeMember protects your content

OptimizePress comes with a free plugin for WordPress that lets you setup a membership site.

This gives you a secure location for your valuable content


Using the OptimizeMember plugin and a few of the lesson pages, and you have a complete recurring income membership website.

The best part is:

OptimizeMember gives you unlimited Membership options

I shall try to explain this better:

You get 10 levels of membership (Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc..), and you can name them whatever you’d like.

The membership levels are structured so higher level members have access to lower level content.

You can also create custom ‘Packages’, which is where the real magic happens.

Even if someone is a higher member, they can’t access lower content with a Package applied.

Eg. A specific page requires Silver level membership.  Silver members can access, Gold members can access.
Another page requires Silver member with ‘Marketing Package’.  Only those members can access, Gold members, Platinum, Titanium…no access without that Package.

This means unlimited membership levels.


OverlayOptimizer is very similar to Leadboxes






Stats section is a new addition offering up some Analytics







What is the Verdict?

I want to state that I still use both products.

I enjoy both products and I know that if I had to start over and only have one, either one of them would serve my business needs.


But I have to choose a winner…


It would be Leadpages because of 3 simple reasons.

  1. They have given me access to a TON of valuable courses which have covered List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and Webinar Funnels.  Any one of these courses would have easily sold for $500-$1000 per course.
  2. They constantly provide valuable content and really their customers to succeed with their product by showing other customers case studies.
  3. They are always looking to improve their product and make the customer experience a top priority.



Shawn Bayley


P.S. In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. A comparison of Leadpages against a similar product, OptimizePress

2. Examples of the 3 Essential Funnels built in Leadpages

3. Which one I would choose if I had to pick just one of them, and why I would make that choice.



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