ClickFunnels Training – The First Funnel You Should Build

ClickFunnels Training – The First Funnel You Should Build

  • If you have no email list
  • If you have no product to sell
  • If you have never written any sales copy before

This is the first Sales Funnel you should build.

Why This Is Important To You

  • Lets You Acquire New Leads Into Your Funnel, All Hands Off
  • You get to provide value to your visitors and they can come to know, like, and trust
  • You can then have, long, automated marketing sequences that turn your prospects
    into buyers
  • Important: Most people need an average of 7 messages from someone before they
    consider buying from them online.
  • You can survey the list and use that feedback with 3 simple questions
  • You Can Present Them With An Immediate Offer
  • You can setup a Self Liquidating Offer
  • You make little to no profit on it. It pays for itself.
  • Free Book or Free DVD, just pay $3 for S&H
  • That’s huge because now you have their mailing address. Online/Offline Marketing
  • Multiple Capture Methods To Maximize List Growth
  • Exit Pop Up – Hey Before You go, don’t forget your FREE Toolkit
  • Timed Pop-Up – After 6 seconds, then not for another 7 days
  • Graphics For Each LM In the Sidebar


What You Need To Do

  • Make sure you are able to capture Leads on every page of your Blog
  • Setup quick and easy product graphics so that people can see these awesome products on the side.
  • Use different modalities
  • People learn in different ways you can cater to that.
  • Pro Tip: Start with Video and then you can get Audio, Slides, Transcripts and Video.
  • Make your prospects have to opt in to get the content.
  • Important Because you can use that valuable TYP – you have their attention.


Tool List

  • WP Blog – Blog posts, LM Offers, Product List
  • Xmind – Mindmap software for Brainstorming
  • PowerPoint- Draw Out Funnel Blueprints
  • Camtasia- To Record/Edit Videos
  • Physical – DVD’s sent in the mail


What Will Happen When You Do This

  • You will have multiple methods to capture leads on your website
  • The process will be completely automated
  • You will have Lead Generation Machine running full time to bring new leads into your
  • You will be able to market to those Leads whenever you want.
  • You can also use those Leads for feedback for product creation as well as selling
    higher ticket items through a webinar




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