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4 Weeks of Live Training with Q&A at the End of Each Session:

Week 1 - Build your Lead Generation System's framework
By the end of this first week, I will have setup all the essential tools for my Lead Generation Machine.  I will have everything I need to get new Leads and market to them on autopilot.  I don't have to worry about technical ability at any time, because Shawn and his team will take my through each step so I set this up in my business.
RETAIL: $247

Week 2 – Fill in the framework of your Lead Generation System
After this week, I will built all the pieces that go into my Lead Generation machine. I will have a Landing Page with a strong Call to Action that coaxes my ideal customer/client to join my list.  I will also have a strategy in place for FREE traffic, immediate sales, or high ticket offers because of what I will learn this week.
RETAIL: $247

Week 3 – Attracting People in your Lead Generation System
After this powerful week, I will be able to quickly and easily create valuable content that has people racing to sign up and download from me.  I'll see just how fast this kind of content can be created, and then leveraged into even more content.  I'll be able to see examples that I can duplicate and come up with a strategy that works best for my personal style.
RETAIL: $247

Week 4 – Automated Email Marketing With Your Lead Generation System
By the end of this week, I'm going to have a powerful Email Follow Up Sequence that builds trust and goodwill with my prospects.   I will see exactly how to manage and separate my lists of prospects and buyers.  I will discover how to lower refunds with simple, completely automated techniques.  I will get access to the 7 Critical Features that put every potential buyer at ease and dramatically increase sales with Email Marketing.
RETAIL: $247


Don’t Forget These KILLER BONUSES!

[BONUS #1]  Unlimited Email Access - When I enroll in the training, I will get unlimited email access to Shawn and his team. I know beyond a doubt I will get any and all of my email questions answered within 24 hours (but usually much sooner) so I can know I will never get stuck on something.
If I have a question about the process, I will get it answered and I can keep taking action towards success.
RETAIL: $997

[BONUS #2]   Downloadable PDF Transcripts of the Videos
This is great for me because I can read or follow along when I'm watching a replay of the training. This is where I can highlight important sections for myself.
RETAIL: $247

[BONUS #3]  Downloadable MP3 Audio
I can take full advantage of the training and listen to the MP3 version of the training on my mobile device anytime I want. If I'm in my car or walking the dog, I can access the training and really immerse myself at my convenience.
RETAIL: $247

[BONUS #4]  Shawn's Top Secret Checklists & Templates
I will have total confidence because of these Checklists and Templates.  I will get an EXACT list of what to do and I just have to check it off.

With this awesome BONUS I will blaze through my:

- Landing Page
- Thank You "Plus" Page
- Lead Generation Magnet Creation
- Prospect Email Nurturing Sequence
- Buyers Retention Sequence
- CTA Checklist
- Checkout/Sales Page Template
RETAIL: $997

With these in hand, I’ll have a complete, power-packed toolkit of instruction, templates, and examples…



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Money Back Guarantee

Finally, to remove ALL risk from me, I know that if at any time
during the first 14 days after starting the Money-Saving Lead Generation System,
if I honestly believe I’ve made a mistake or I’m disappointed,

I will receive a 100% refund.
I’m also protected because I am GUARANTEED SUCCESS.
Shawn and his team will stick with me for another 2 months after the program,
and if after that, I can look Shawn in the eye, (on paper), and tell him this didn’t
produce any results, I just send it back to him, and he will quietly refund my money.