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Who Else Wants a Lead Generating Funnel That Will Build Your List
In The Next 7 Days?

If you want a Lead Generating Machine, built by a Conversion Marketing Expert, and pre-loaded with marketing messages, then this letter will be the most important letter you read all year.

Dear Smart Business Owner and Entrepreneur,

Hi, my name is Shawn Bayley and although I'm a Certified Conversion Marketer now, there was a time when I was struggling get Leads for my business.

And I'm not just talking about 'tire kickers', I'm talking about actual, interested people, who have seen my offer want more.

Leads that are willing to give me their email address so that I can happily market to them with targeted email sequences designed to get people to know, like, and trust me.

If that sounds like a normal day to you, then you should STOP READING because you obviously have a system in place to collect Leads online and use effective email marketing to follow up with them.


Out of 1000 small businesses surveyed, nearly 45% don't maintain an email list.

This is according to a 2016 Marketing Report for Small Businesses, conducted by Leadpages and Infusionsoft, 2 of the biggest names in the online Lead Generation game.

And it get's worse...

  • Nearly half said they don't know whether they are marketing effectively.
  • 21% don't store contact information anywhere.
  • And 47% are stuck trying to handle all the marketing efforts on their own.

But if you are a Smart Business Owner,
you'll be interested to know...

Nearly 1 in 5 businesses do not plan on using digital marketing in the future

And those are the businesses that GET LEFT BEHIND!

If you don't want to see your competition
pull away from you, then I need to ask:

  • Could your business benefit from having someone step in and do all the technical stuff?
  • Does the idea of trying to "figure it out on my own" while staring at a blank screen fill you with dread.
  • Would you prefer to save a ton of valuable time and money and take a shortcut to getting new Leads online?

Here's How I Will Get You There...

My team and I will make sure you're not spending valuable time
and money worrying about:

  • Going through a bunch of marketing 'trial and error' because you are trying to wear too many hats in your small business.
    * Let a Conversion Certified Expert give you GUARANTEED results.

  • Being hunched over the computer, scrambling around trying to piece together the answer that will finally get it going.
    * We will jumpstart things by giving you the keys to a machine, ready to run.

  • Choosing between hundreds of "must-have" tools, then learning how to use them.
    * We will set you up with a hosted webpage that turns visitors into a growing email list.

  • Not knowing how your website is performing.
    * You will be able login daily to see your growing list of visitors and conversions.

You'll be Treated to Several Things

First off, you will get a 100% mobile responsive Landing Page that we create it right inside your Leadpages account. That means:

  • Your site will automatically have a mobile version loaded when visitors access your website from their mobile phone.
  • It will be designed to Convert. We are Leadpages Certified Conversion Experts, and we know how to make Marketing websites that are strategically and visually created to convert.
  • You will have a Converting Website that is connected directly to your autoresponder account, to ensure that no leads are ignored.
  • You will be a part of one of the top Lead Generation Services in the world, where it's users collect over 7 million new Leads per month.

Second, you will get a 100% mobile responsive Thank You Page. A lot of
small businesses let this turn into a wasted opportunity.

  • You have a Conversion Marketing Expert that will turn your Thank You Page to your advantage.
  • We will show you how to use this page to do awesome things, like get more FREE traffic or present a fantastic offer to immediately start generating PAYING CUSTOMERS.

And Third, you get a custom email nurturing sequence.

  • Our copywriting team will create an Email Marketing Sequence that you just copy and paste into your autoresponder and let it go to work for you.
  • You get a specific, well-crafted Email Sequence that's designed to convert your leads into paying customers or clients.

Now Let's Talk About Money For a Second...

If I added up all the hours spent planning, writing, reading, testing, learning, and refining my strategies and checklists, you'd be shocked at just how many hours that would be!

Then, if I multiplied that number by my current hourly rate, it would come to well over $600,000.

Now, there's always the option of hiring a web designer, at (roughly) $200/hour. However, there's always that concern that most web designers don't know or understand Conversion Marketing, (nevermind being a Certified Conversion Marketer).


This AMAZING Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel
is Jam Packed With High Quality, High Converting
Elements That Were Created Specifically For Your Business
by Your Very Own Certified Conversion Marketing Expert...

And It Won't Break The Bank!

This incredible Lead Gen Package won't cost you $25,000...

It won't cost you $10,000...

or even $5000...

In fact, it won't even cost you $2500...

Instead, the price for this VALUABLE Done-For-You
Lead Generation Funnel/Package is just $1497!

But when you order this week, you will get a 33% DISCOUNT!

That's a savings of $500!

That means...
You will get a Certified Conversion Marketing Expert
to build you a Lead Generation Funnel for ONLY $997!

I have even more for you...

You also get LeadPages Leverage (a $297 Value)

You see, most Done-For-You programs do the work, then just leave you high and dry afterwards.

But I'm not like most others. I am giving you access to Leadpages Leverage ABSOLUTELY FREE, so that you can utilize your Leadpages account to build the EXACT funnels you need as your business grows.

With Leadpages Leverage as the
You will get:

  • 10 Easy to Follow Video Lessons ($1431 Total Value)
  • The Step-by-Step formula for setting up a complete funnel even if you aren't a "techie" ($149 Value)
  • How to Capture Leads with great looking, magnetic Landing Pages so you can market to your growing list on autopilot. ($149 Value)
  • The Inside Track to Success because you get to "Look Over My Shoulder" in the videos. ($149 Value)
  • How to create Sales Pages, Video Sales Letter Pages, Upsell Pages, Thank You Pages, Webinar Pages, etc. ($596 Value)
  • How to easily integrate your Autoresponder with Leadpages so you can immediately start list building. ($149 Value)
  • Insider Secrets about using Leadpages with your existing website. ($149 Value)

Satisfaction Guarantee

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So simply click the button below to get your Converting Lead Generation Funnel including a Nurturing Email Sequence to convert those leads
into paying clients or customers...

All Done For You by a Certified Conversion Marketing Expert!

YES! Please Create My Custom Lead Generation Funnel For Me


Reiterate offer and stress the deadline


Now I want to stress that this isn't for everyone.
What I mean by that is, this isn't for you IF:

* You don't want to take advantage of the power of Digital Conversion Marketing to grow your business.

* It will take food off your table. If this investment in this is going to cause you tremendous financial hardship, I don't want you to do it.


An extra, unexpected BONUS

Ryan White

Ryan's testimonial. I was thinking we could also include a link to your interview with him.

Ryan White, Small Business Marketing Show
YES! Please Create My Custom Lead Generation Funnel For Me