Hey There – It’s Shawn Bayley,

Welcome to my Origin Story.

Where I tell you about:

 How I gained my super powers!

Well ok, maybe I don’t have super powers, but I didn’t want to call this section About Me (a bit bland), so I thought “hmmm, Origin Story!”

It sounds cool and makes me think of a comic book character and learning how he became so awesome.

Now if we go back to the beginning…

It doesn’t start in a lab or a dark alley at midnight with rain beating down. (although that would be incredibly awesome!)

No, the start of everything was actually a gorgeous day on a lake.

The sun was beating down.

Clear, blue sky and plenty of cold refreshments.

Floating and talking about what we wanted in life.

Talking about:

What Could We Do In Order To Achieve Financial Independence

We talked about how we could have more in our lives that just being part of the 9-5 crowd.

It seemed like we had a few choices –

  1. Get Side Job – pick up some additional work on the weekends.  Not really a great trade off.  Do I really want to leave my house and my wife to go work at another J.O.B. (just over broke) just to make a little more money?
  2. Win The Lottery – A nice thought, but realistically, I have a better chance of getting hit by a falling Russian satellite on my way to work, according to statistics.
  3. Develop The Ability To Generate Income At Will – Wow, that sounds great!  Income at will.  Having the skills and mindset necessary to achieve true freedom.


I’ll take door number 3, please.

And so that’s the option we chose.

Instead of just relaxing in the sun and enjoying that day…

We were making strategic plans for our future…

Because of what we TRULY wanted deep down…

Freedom From Having To Live the 9-5 Lifestyle For The Next 20 Years

There were lots of business opportunities that were available to us.

It could have been Real Estate Inventments or a Franchise Business, or an E-Commerce website.

But we know that Internet Marketing and helping people with technical aspects was the way to go.

All we had to do was jump in and get it done.

And that what we did, jumped in and tried a lot of things, so I can say with total honesty:

I Have Failed At Just About Everything Related To Internet Marketing

  • I have created products that didn’t sell.
  • I have created websites that didn’t convert at all.
  • I wrote emails that didn’t generate click throughs.

I made almost all the rookie mistakes when I started out and success just wasn’t in the cards it seemed.

I ran around  like a headless chicken and tried many different things.

As much as I hate to admit it, I do have flaws and not following a set plan is one of them.

Maybe This System will fix all my problems.

Maybe That Shiny Object is the one that will take care of everything and all I do is sit back and collect money.


No awesome success.

No 6 Figure Launch.

No Affiliate Millions.

Tried just about everything I could think of, but it wasn’t happening.  And I was getting pissed off and burned out.

“This Is The Time To Give Up And Throw In The Towel, Shawn”

Yep, that’s what was going through my head about 95% of the time.

It was making me lose sleep thinking about it and it was costing more than just time and money.

It was making me unhappy.

And that affects me and everyone around me.

So, it was time to say goodbye to Internet Marketing and move on with things.

But Then Fate Stepped In And Decided To Throw A CurveBall

“There is a tumor on your wife’s lung and I think it’s Cancer.”

That’s the kind of thing you really…really don’t want to hear from a doctor.

Especially when you are the husband.  I’m supposed to be the knight in shining armor and step in front of any harm that would try to befall my lady.

But when you can’t do anything, it is the worst feeling of all.

They told us 3 options to proceed :

  1. Radiation – blast the middle of my wife’s chest with radiation.
  2. Surgery – remove a lobe of her left lung and get that tumor the F out of there.
  3. Do nothing.  Seriously, they said that to us.

This time it was door number 2.

We setup a date for the surgery and tried to act like her condition wasn’t weighing on us at all times.

The day finally came, and we went to the hospital early in the morning.

Then they took her away and we waited.

Those were some of the longest hours.

The system used at the hospital is kind of similar to the Departures/Arrivals screens you see at airports.

There is a board that uses a color coded system to tell you where the patient is at in their procedure.  Whether is being prepped, having the operation done, in recovery, or available for family.

Finally the color status that I was waiting for was there, and I was able to be with my wife again.

Several days of recovery followed as her body began to heal.

Breathing exercises to get the body used to the new setup.

And you wouldn’t believe the length of the drainage tubes they have inserted into the body of someone who has just had a lobectomy.

I know how long they are, because after the draining stops…they have to pull the tubes out by hand

Finally we were able to come home and finish recovery there.

The last trip to the doctor was to get the 27 staples removed from her back.

But it was during this time that I came to realize:

How Could I Possibly Give Up On My Business After Going Through All That?

And that is why you are reading this paragraph on this page.

Because I was able to realize that all the failures I had in my business were just testing me to make sure I was committed.

And even though it was the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced…

It was truly a blessing in disguise because it has made me a stronger person, a more committed business owner, and someone who appreciates all aspects of life more than I had before.

Now I’m focused on aiding others with their Digital Marketing, Lead Generation and Marketing Automation.

It also lets me do what I truly enjoy, which is helping people.

I strive to over deliver in my products and provide people with the best possible experience.

Always Remember:

Remaining Positive in the face of Adversity will always carry you through.

All the best,

Shawn Bayley

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  2. Powerful!

    “Because I was able to realize that all the failures I had in my business were just testing me to make sure I was committed.”


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